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Your Creation - Kids Teaching Teachers

I have heard from so many students who are starting their own projects that I too became inspired!

One family is raising chickens and creating a project around building a chicken house, hatching eggs, raising chickens and who knows how their project will develop. How exciting! Their project has inspired me (as well as others: building structures, space, gardening, bird watching) to propose a project that will contribute to your learning and can be displayed in the library.

This is my vision:

- create a poster with pictures and labelling (think of the DK Eyewitness wall posters I have in the library)

This dinosaurs poster has a lot of information - you don't have to go to this extent. Remember these are very large posters, about by 1 meter by 60 cm. You can go smaller!

- Or you could create a book informing readers "how to" or "About …" with each page being a new fact.

Start with this:

The big thing to think about is focus on something you are interested in! Once you have a topic/focus then think of some things/facts you what to know or share with others. Make a list of these facts you will expand on later.


Research and write out facts with a detail.


Make pictures!!!!


Include something about the size or numbers. People love facts like that!!


Get a big sheet of paper and organize how you will put the facts, labels, title and pictures on the poster. OR if you are making like a book, start by thinking of how many facts you have and the number of pages you need and start organizing your work onto pages.

Finally: If you want to share please do! And if you need help or have questions, I can help too!

This is for the fun of it!

Oh, if you want some 11" x 17" paper for making a book then tell me and I can get some for you for this book making purpose only.

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