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Week 5 - Putting Things In Order

Read through all of the sentences first then put the sentences in order.

You could copy and write the sentences in the right order or, if you have a printer, you could print the sentences out and cut them to place the sentences in the correct order. Or just write the number order of the sentences if you print this out. OR Rewrite the story in proper sentence order.

______“I‛ll help you with the rest!” says Chris to Julian. “Thanks!” exclaims Julian.

______ Chris and Julian run quickly to their messy room to change into swimming trunks.

______ Finally, after applying sunblock, Chris and Julian have a fun summer day running back and forth through the sprinklers!

______ Chris is ready to go play when he is done, but he does not want to play without his little brother.

______ They almost make it out the back door when their mom stops them. “Where do you think you are going? You can‛t play in the sprinklers until you both clean your room!”

______ When Chris and Julian are all done, their mom inspects the room. Then she says, “Good job, boys! You can go play in the sprinklers now, but first you have to wear sunblock.”

______ Both Chris and Julian groan as they walk back to their room. There are clothes and toys all over their beds and on the floor!

______ Chris throws his dirty clothes in the hamper, then folds his clean clothes and neatly stacks them in the drawers. Julian picks up all of his toys and puts them into his toy box.

______ It is a hot summer day, and Chris yells to his little brother Julian, “Let‛s go play in the sprinklers!”

______ Julian is taking a longer time cleaning up because his mess is bigger. He still has to fold his clean clothes!

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