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Week 4 – The Wednesday Surprise

We are working on developing our questioning powers.

As you listen to this story being read, I want you to pause the video when a question comes to mind. As the video is paused write out your question so you don’t have to try and remember it later. Then start the video and continue to listen. When you have another question stop the video and write the question. Continue this until the end of the video. The questions can be triggered because of what is happening in the pictures or words.

Time to watch “The Wednesday Surprise” by Eve Bunting

Take a look at the questions you wrote. Did some of your questions get answered? Did it matter if your question was answered?

Here is another book to listen to (I wish I could say read):

“Charlie Anderson” by Barbara Abercrombie

I hope you enjoyed these books!

Remember to keep reading! Everyday for at least 20 minutes.

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