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Week 4 - Nine PLUS

Level: Grade 3 and up

Skills: Addition facts, adding with 9

Players: 1 to 2

Equipment: cards (Ace = 1) to 9, gameboard

Getting Started: The object of the game is to solidify the rule of 9+. Each player has a gameboard and a pile of cards face down. The player takes one card and puts it in the space on the gameboard.


Players can record their math sentences to keep track of the questions. Play until the pile is used.

Variation: For two players: each player has a gameboard and a pile of cards. Follow the rules of Addition War.


For two players: one gameboard and a pile of cards is required and follow the rules to Adding Snap.

Nines Plus Gameboard:

You don't need to download a gameboard. Just make one like I did here! Have fun.

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