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Week 4 – Dinosaur Dreams

I don’t know if you dream at night and remember your dreams but I do! I am guessing that Dennis Nolan has amazing dreams too. This story “Dinosaur Dreams” written by Dennis Nolan gives us lots to think about. The pictures and the words made me think of a lot of questions about the story. One of my questions: Why didn’t the boy, Wilbur, change out of his PJ’s before going on this adventure?” That is definitely my Mom mind thinking because now I have to wash the PJ’s! LOL

Write down your questions as you watch the video. Pause the video to write so you don’t miss the story.

Enjoy this story:

Now that you listened to the story and wrote questions, I want you to return to each question and write beside your question the following capitals that match your question:

A = answered

NA = not answered

BK = background knowledge

NR = needs research

SW = still wondering

I want you to do this so you can think about what kind of questions you are asking. The reason for doing this is to get you to focus on the story but also to think deeply about the story.

This is a good time to write in a journal. Write about how you think you are thinking! Wow! It is a bit daunting at first but give it a try. Like most things it takes practice. Image the thinking the illustrator of the story had to do to paint the pictures for the story. Lots of deep thinking went into that too. (I wondered if Dennis Nolan who wrote the story is the illustrator. Guess what!? He is! The writer and the illustrator of the story.)

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