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Week 3 – Questioning what we read - 1

When we read we make connections but we also question what we read and think. That is good to do!

When we learn to question while reading we:

- learn the power of asking as well as answering our questions

- become curious about what we are reading

- learn that by asking questions we can get a deeper meaning or understanding

- learn that not all questions can be answered

- exercise our brain and build its power!

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcif-ShtCnM to read the book "The Day Eddie Met the Author" by Louise Borden.

Next find a blank sheet of paper (lined or plain) and make a circle in the center of the paper and write What is __________? Put your word in there.

See my example:

Some ideas for writing questions about might be:

What is kindness, war, caring, playing, helping, gardening, building, star gazing, …

Next think of answers you may have that give an answer to your question. You can ask other people too. Write answers that are not full sentences but just a few words.

See my example:

Your turn!

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