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Week 3 - Crow Call

Look at the book cover and make a connection to the scene. Describe the scene to someone.

Listen to the story and the words the author uses in the story.


I want you to notice the length of the sentences in this story. You will want to watch the video again after and pause sometimes. Lois Lowry, the writer of the story, uses a mixture of short, medium and long sentences. Just out of curiosity, count the number of words in some of the sentences of a few pages.

Crow Call is a true story about Lois and her father. This is a memory about when her father returned from the Second World War. It was the first time she spent time alone with her father after he returned from the war. This is a very precious memory for her.

I want you to write about a precious memory you have with someone in your family. Think about just writing. If you can’t think about a special moment then write about eating spaghetti!

Count the number of words in each sentence. Did you use sentences that were different lengths? Did you put capitals at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end?

Keep a journal and look back some times to see how you sentences improve with the number of words you use in sentences.

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