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Week 3 - Art’s Supplies

Have a look at the cover of the book and think about what the images on the cover tell us the book might be about.

Art’s Supplies is the title of this book but how would that change your idea if they had called the book Art Supplies. What is the difference between the two titles?

This story has a nice lead sentence! I want you to notice that but also this story starts with dialogue. The word dialogue means conversation between two or more people as a feature of a book, play, or movie. Watch the video and listen to the story.


Not many picture books begin with dialogue. As you begin to read novels or chapter books, you will notice that lead sentences using dialogue are more common in books with fewer or no pictures.

So not only does Art’s Supplies have a great lead sentence it is also uncommon to see a dialogue lead sentence in a picture book.

Your job now is to look at books you have at home. You will have to concentrate on fiction books (imaginary stories) for this task. Open picture books, chapter books for young readers like you, and novels that teenagers or your parents may read. What are lead sentences like in these books?

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