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Week 2 - Part 2 - Expanding Connections

Today we look past text to self

This graphic gives you an idea of what we are building up to:

Watch this video of Barbara Reid reading from her book Perfect Snow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsxMK8HAYGM

What connections are you making?

Can you make connections to your life and your experiences?

That is text to self.

Example of this would be: “This book reminds me of something that happened to me.”

Can you make a connection to another book you read?

That is text to text.

Example would be: “This book reminds me of another book I read.”

Can you make a connection to the real world?

That is text to world.

Example of this would be: “This book reminds me of something that doesn’t affect me personally, but affects other people in the world (eg. bullying).”

If you can’t think of a connection for text to self or text to text or text to world think of a book that reminds you of a connection. Books don’t have to have all three connections. Or even two connections.

The purpose of this is to start thinking about making connections and the kind of connections there are.

Take it further by thinking about what you are thinking – that is metacognition! That’s powerful thinking!

Use a graphic organizer to write and draw you thinking. Or …

Start a journal or if you have then continue to write about your thinking. Writing and thinking about your thinking is a great way of sorting out your problems or thinks you are thinking about a lot.

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