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Week 2 - Part 1 Making More Connections

Remember last week: when we learn, read, observe, listen or speak we have a voice that talks to us inside our head. It is our thinking voice and other people can’t hear it.

Today, I am hoping you have someone to “read” with for this next story. This time I want you and the person who you are reading with to share your connections you make as the story is read.

I want you to listen and watch this video. The book is called Courage and it is written and illustrated by Bernard Waber.


Discuss the connections you made with the person you read the story with. Did you have any “loud” voices in your head this time when you made a connection to courage in the story? Tell your reading buddy your connection. Give some detail.

If you want to draw and write your connection you may want to use a graphic organizer for your thinking like this:

Making Deeper Connections

When we read we have thoughts, some thoughts are quick like “My auntie has a dog like that.” Other thoughts go deeper. It could be a thought like “This reminds me of a time when I got teased because I worn the same t-shirt ever day and I felt really embarrassed.”

Think about the differences between the two thoughts. The quick thought was not as deep. The second thought has more detail and connects with feelings.

See if you can write some thoughts that have feelings and detail.

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