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Week 1 - Word Wrangling

I really wanted to video me reading the book to you but after about 4 hours of frustration it did not work. I am learning too! I am trying to laugh a lot at my mistakes too.

Instead I want to watch this video. After watching the video read the rest of this blog.


Okay! You saw many ways Lexie made words.

Some of the ways she made words were by:

- Putting two words together to make a new word. Butter and fly go together and make the word butterfly! This is called a compound word.

- Growing words from babies. She grew “a”, to be “at”, then “cat” and finally “cattle”.

- Rearranging letters in words to make a new word. Pests became pets.

- Herding words together to make sentences for posters, letters and stories!

I want you to chose one of these ways and take it as far as you can go! Maybe you are going wild like the wild horses that Lexie sometimes gets to herd and you want to do more!! Do another way to wrangle words like Lexie did in the book. Just have fun.

Share with me, if you wish, your fun you had with words! I love seeing what you are learning.

Miss you!

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