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Week 1 - Pick one!

Oh! I know some of you will do more but all you need to do is pick one page that you think is where you are at!

Then pick another page and do it up to the point where it makes too much work for you.

I have used this website for now as it is very labour intensive on the computer to make up math questions and post them properly without the numbers jumbling around. So please be patient.

Please do not download and paste if you don't need to. My intention is to find out where the kids are and then support you. Write down the questions if you are able too - fine motor skills in writing and printing need to be kept up! I like seeing if you know place value as you line up columns of numbers.

Today I was able to Skype with a student to support and work through any misconceptions about "borrowing" in 2-digit subtraction. This went very well! Please let me know if there is a problem and I can call or Skype or ? Let's solve problems together!

Playing some of the card games I am posting are good practice for playing with numbers in math. I will put more card games and possibly dice games on this weekend in "Count On Me".

Stretch: Use beads or stones. Be creative with pebbles being ones and trade ten pebbles in for a leaf. The leaf represents 10 pebbles. Then a stack of 10 leaves becomes a stick. The stick represents 100 pebbles.

Or: Use Cheerios or Goldfish snacks for ones and then trade off ten for a Cheezie.

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