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Week 1 Fact or Opinion

“I think that everyone should eat apples in their lunch.”

Do you agree with me? Well, that is a personal statement. It is my opinion. It is not a fact.

“Ruckle Park is on Salt Spring Island.”

Do you agree with me? Yes, it is a fact that Ruckle Park is on Salt Spring Island.

Facts are always true, while opinions vary from person to person. Opinions show people’s thoughts or personal preferences. Opinions have nothing to do with being true or false statement, they are opinions people have developed from their thoughts.

Think about these statements:

Everyone should visit the library once a week.

Pandas are black and white.

The best ice cream is tiger ice cream.

Fall is the best time of the year.

The cello is a string instrument.

Strawberries are the most delicious fruits.

A snake is a reptile.

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Prince Edward Island is a province in Canada.

My favourite music is ABBA.

A rainbow is more beautiful than a sunset.

How did you do? It can be difficult sometimes to see the difference between fact and opinions but with practice you will realize that there is a difference between your personal view and what is a fact, true.

These are some more statements I made up:

I like dogs.

Baby dogs are called puppies.

Fernwood Elementary School as on the north end of Salt Spring Island.

Easter is in the springtime.

Chocolate bunnies are for sale in the grocery stores.

My students are the best students at Fernwood Elementary school.

You must wash your hands with soap and water to help get rid of the virus.

Now it is your turn to make up some fact and some opinion statements. Talk to your mom or dad about the statements you write.

Send your statements to me.

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