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Printmaking Party

When picking your paint, think about its permanence. I don't want to hear mistakes were made on clothing! Unless you what to print onto a t-shirt.

Acrylic based paints are water-based but once they dry they will not wash out.

(Just a little tip from may many are mistakes!)

You will need:


plastic or glass container (vitamin bottle size) for brayer

stryoform trays


dull pencil or ball point pen that is not fine


Saran Wrap and tape surface for paint

This is the video I made for you to watch too https://youtu.be/kckTszVYkV0

How to:

  1. Cut the edges off of your tray.

  2. Draw with your pencil or pen into the styro tray to make a picture or design. Do not use numbers or letters until you realize how printmaking works because the numbers and letters will come out backwards when you print.

  3. Prepare a surface with Saran laid flat and smooth and tape it down.

4. Have paper ready before your paint is out!

  1. Place paint onto smooth Saran prepped surface. Use your brayer to make a thin layer of paint.

  2. You have a choice here. You can apply the paint from your brayer to the art side on your try using your brayer OR take your tray, art side down to paint surface and push tray onto paint. (Not matter what you do not make your paint too think or it will fill in the grooves you made with your pen or pencil. If this happens you can start over by washing your tray, drying it and reapplying paint to the art side on the try.)

  3. Now put your tray onto the paper or paper onto the tray. Walk your fingers gently but purposefully all over the paper to ensure the paper touches the paint. Pushing too hard will ruin your design for future prints and ruin your picture.

  4. Pull paper away from tray and you have your print!

Yep, your print often looks nothing like what you imagined. That is part of the fun.

You could print onto cards or a t-shirt or make a bunting! Printmaking is so much fun!!!

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