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Week 2 - Place Value War

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Level: Grades 2 – 6

Skills: Identification of two digit number, comparing and place value

Players: 2 of similar skill

Equipment: Ordinary playing cards, (Ace = 1), all other face cards = 10

Getting Started: Players divide cards evenly between themselves.

- Each player turns over two cards.

- The first number turned over is the tens number and the second is the ones. Both players call out their numbers (you may have them verbalize “six tens and two ones equals sixty-two”).

- The player with the largest number gets all the cards.

- In the event of a tie (i.e. each player has the same number) WAR is declared. First, each player places three cards in front of them face down. Then each player turns over two of the cards from their pile, and adds the second number to the first. The player with the largest sum gets all of the cards.

- Play continues until one player has collected all of the cards.

Example: Player 1: 6 , 8 = 68

Player 2 : 7 , 2 = 72

Player two collects the cards!

Challenge Yourself!! Players turn over three cards and build numbers into the hundreds.

I include this picture as an option. It would be a good page to make for placing cards so students learn the place value if they need support.

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