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Not So Messy



- 1 cup Elmer’s glue (white school glue)

- 1 ½ cups cornstarch

- 1 Tablespoon white vinegar

- 1 teaspoon body lotion

- 1 Tablespoon baby oil

Let’s Begin!

Prepare a clean dry counter top.

To make the clay, first, mix all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. It will be a sticky mess at the beginning. Add more cornstarch in small amounts and mix. Keep doing this until the mixture cannot hold anymore cornstarch. You can put the cornstarch on the counter top to work it in. You know it is ready when it feels smooth, silky soft and stretchy.

If you make it too dry add a tad of baby oil.

What Now?

Your clay is ready to use!

Shape your clay into small balls and flatten the ball a bit. Using objects like Lego pieces, fork tynes, dried leaves, etc. make textured marks on your clay.

Let the clay dry.

After clay is dry you can paint it too!

If you poke a hole in your “bead” that goes through, you can wear it as a pendant by putting a string through the hole.

When you are done, take a picture of your clay sculpture and email it to me jparker@sd64.org . Please give your picture a file name: your first name_clay(eg. Jimmy_clay)

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