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Help for Teaching Place Value

I hear you!

Some parents are asking me to help them with teaching place value. Since there are a number of people I thought of doing a video but then found an amazing resource online


This is a really easy and basic way of teaching your child place value without getting fancy beads and putting a lot of work into it. You will need paper and pencil or a whiteboard and marker are great! Use popsicle stick, stir straws or sticks for representing ones and get elastics out for bundling 10 ones together to make a tens. If you make it to one hundred that will look like 10 tens bundles (bundle them together then to represent a hundreds) or the messy way is 100 individual ones sticks then bundled up to represent a hundreds.

Go slow. You do have to think about your language as you do this!

If you need support, by all means, please call me!

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