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Chasing Shadows


- Crayons

- drawing paper or roll of paper is fun too!

- flashlight

- still life object (think toys like: plastic dinosaur, doll, potted plant, plastic horse)

Think First

Shadows are still if you use a flashlight but move if you use the daylight. Chose between daylight and flashlight shadow drawing first. You will have to work quickly if you are using daylight as your light source.

Yep, that’s "Pluto" in the back ground! We are self-distancing. And Poppy's feather tail up front!

Let’s Go!

Set up your object that will create a shadow. You may find it easier to use the floor. Once you see a nice shadow then place your paper on the surface where the shadow is. Trace the outline of the shadow.

I had to hold the crayon in a funny way so I did not make a shadow of my arm!

The space around the object on your paper is called the negative space. The space the object takes up on the paper called the positive space.

That was hard! The shadow moved fast!

What next?

-Take the next step after tracing by colouring the negative space with one colour.

-Or find a textured surface and put your paper on the textured surface. Now use the side of your crayon to rub the texture into the negative space or the positive face.

-Or doodle or Zentangle the negative or positive space. Google Easy Zentangles images and you will get lots of examples. You will need a fine tip felt for Zentangling.

No matter what you do have fun and explore!

When you are done, take a picture of your shadow drawing and send it to me. Please give your picture a file name: your first name_shadowdrawing (eg. Janice_shadowdrawing)

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