• jparker808

Week 2 - Addition Snap

Updated: Apr 17

Level: Grade 2 - 6

Skills: Immediate recall of addition facts

Players: 2 of equal skill level

Equipment: ordinary playing cards (Ace = 1), all other face cards = 10

Getting Started: Players divide the cards evenly between themselves. Next each player turns over a card at the same time. Players add the two together as quickly as possible and say the sum out loud. The player who gives the correct answer first collects all of the cards.

In the event of a tie, players leave their cards down and let the pile build. Play resumes until one player gives a correct sum before the other and takes both of the piles.

Challenge Yourself!! An additional player (3 total) will add another sum to the challenge, the winning player calls out the sum of all 3 cards.


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